Jarrett’s greatest passion is connecting with people and connecting people with one another. He’s a social butterfly and the middle of every great discussion no matter if it’s via radio, television or in-person. Whether it’s an appearance, speaking engagement, event or endorsement – with young and/or old, large group and/or small, related to business, an organization or school – Jarrett is the man for you!

For more information on scheduling Jarrett for an engagement please contact: Trisha Payton (312) 505-0397 trish@jarrettpayton.com

Speaking Engagments:

  • Midland Financial - Dallas, TX
  • Greater O'Hare Association
  • DuPagePads - Wake Up Your Spirit Breakfast
  • Midland Financial - Sioux Falls, SD


  • NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year Award Presentation (Super Bowl)
  • ESPN MEAC SWAC Challenge presented by Disney - Walter Payton Achievement Award
  • Glory Days, Legends of the 1985 Chicago Bears
  • NFL Draft

Golf Outings / Events

  • Charles Tilman Foundation Celebrity Night
  • Chicago Police Memorial Foundation Golf Outing
  • Illinois Patriot Education Fund Golf Outing at Medinah Country Club



David Jacobs - President, Barrington Youth Football

We were honored to have Jarrett as our featured guest speaker at our 2010 Barrington Youth Football end of season banquet. His message to over 900 players and family members was very sincere, relevant and in touch. He referenced many of his life experiences that provided for a great message to our young players. Jarrett communicated with humor and warmth leaving everyone cheering for more. Barrington Youth Football graciously welcomes Jarrett as one of our family.

Anita Efron - Board of Managers, Hammond Boys & Girls Club

I have been on the Board of Managers of the Hammond Boys & Girls Club for 15 years. The five clubs in the northwest Indiana region put on a fundraiser called The Steak & Burger Dinner every Fall. This past year on October 20, 2010 our Hammond club served as the host and I served as the event chairperson. It was my job to find a guest speaker. To be honest, in the past, the dinner was poorly attended because it was a pretty boring event. I had the challenge of finding someone who would draw a crowd and excite the audience. After a lot of deliberation about who would be best for this role, I asked Jarrett Payton to be our guest speaker. I knew he had a great personality and was very confident so I hoped he would be an interesting speaker as well.

When I entered the ballroom on the evening of the event, I was amazed. There were so many tables set up that there was barely room to walk around. Apparently, when the word got out that Jarrett was speaking that night all kinds of people called in for tickets! The house was over sold! Now I prayed that this guy could deliver! It certainly would reflect poorly on me if I had chosen another boring speaker!
Jarrett and his wife, Trisha, arrived right on time. He immediately began to sign autographs and converse with everyone, adults and kids alike. He set a friendly, warm tone for the evening. When he got up to speak to the 400+ people, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was anxious and ready to hear what he had to say.

What he said and how he said it, touched every single person in the audience. He spoke of his life and what it was like growing up with the most famous football player in the world as his dad. He spoke of the difficulties he faced living up to the Payton name and what it meant to carry on his father’s legacy. He told us about the challenges he faced on the football field and off. He talked about the death of his father and how it impacted him. He spoke with such assurance and warmth that he captivated everyone. And then with just a little coaxing he delivered a brilliant, impromptu rap. It brought the house down! He was no longer Jarrett Payton, the famous guy, but Jarrett Payton, the guy to whom everyone could relate. The Steak & Burger Dinner was a resounding success thanks to Jarrett Payton.
Jarrett Payton has a rare gift. He combines intelligence, wit and warmth with honestly, integrity and caring. He truly cares about people and it shows in everything he does.

Frankly, I am so pleased that I will not be faced with the dilemma of who we can get to equal Jarrett Payton for next year’s Steak & Burger Dinner!

Jeff Newmark - Fifth Grade Teacher, Latin School of Chicago

I am a fifth grade teacher at the Latin School of Chicago. Jarrett Payton spoke to our 63 fifth grade students about the inspirations that molded his life. Leading up to Jarrett's visit our students did a considerable amount of research about his life. This prepared them to interact in a way that showed Jarrett respect and admiration. Jarrett was an inspiration to each one of our fifth graders. He was so comfortable and animated as he talked passionately about hard work, integrity and ambition. As fascinated and intrigued as our students were, Jarrett's enthusiasm and joy were equal to his audience. Jarrett's rapport was genuine and appreciated. We, students and faculty, walked away with our spirits soaring!

Gia Claire - Owner, Gia Claire Enterprises & District Sales Manager, Quest Diagnostics

When someone tells you an ex-football player, son of the greatest NFL player of all time is coming to talk to you about motivation, you can’t help but be excited to feel a part of history. But when he walked into the room, we were surprised. Standing before us was not a giant man with a deep, husky voice ready to coach about work ethic and teamwork. Rather, a man, certainly of great stature, with a smile that lit up the room, and a voice that spoke directly from his heart. Smiling from ear to ear with his sunglasses perched on his head in his red Jumpman hoody, and Chuck Taylor’s, we could tell immediately, he was a regular guy…special…but regular. As the audience relaxed, and rested their chins on their hands with anticipation, even the women who never watched a single touchdown run by the great Walter Payton could see the “Sweetness” of this man had certainly been handed down to his son.

You would think that Jarrett Payton grew up with all the advantages any little boy could dream of. You would think that bearing the Payton name would render him a “shoe-in”, a “lay-up”, a “no brainer”, or a “given” for anything he would ever want to accomplish. As it turned out, Jarrett was handed down his share of “you can’t”, “you won’t”, or “you’ll never” from naysayers who believed there could only be one great Payton. Falling on deaf ears, Jarrett spoke of his tenacity, his desire, and a key learning from his father about hard work.

Jarrett reminisced of times with his Father that were both endearing and heartfelt. He spoke about being part of a team, seizing every opportunity, and never giving up. What resonated most with me, having come from a lifetime of “you can’t” or “you’ll never”; was that life was about choices. Though he joked about his momentary panic over choosing McDonald’s or Subway, (and yes he did pull out the crumpled Subway napkin with hand-written notes as evidence of his choice), he reminded us that life is all about choices, at every turn, and around every corner.

There is no doubt we were touched by his honesty, humility, and his passion. Most importantly, I think I was reminded that in life, everything must be done from the heart. This is the place where you can find all the truth, and all the answers you might ever need when faced with decisions, or unanswered questions. It is there that you can find the courage to never give up. As he smiled and high-fived us on the way out I could tell that the words imparted to us that night would make us all feel as if anything were possible.

I’m just sayin.