JP's Presser - What does John Fox say?

Posted 3:45 PM January 13, 2015 by Jarrett Payton

John Fox and the Broncos decided to part ways after the Colts eliminated the Broncos from the playoffs. The news struck me as odd after Fox taking over in 2011 and his relationship with VP John Elway. Why would Fox part ways with the organization now? It leads me to believe Fox knows the end is near with Peyton Manning and chances to win a Super Bowl without the future Hall of Famers is slim to none.

Most people don’t get out of a relationship that is above average unless they have something better in mind or on the side. Could the Bears be the side fling for John Fox? It is a very good possibility he is, and after thinking about it, I kind of like it. It makes perfect sense to pair a rookie GM with a veteran head coach.

Is Fox what the Bears need in a head coach? Going on what Bears fans have been talking to me about since midway through the season, then yes. Past and present players under coach Fox that I have talked to say they would run through a wall for him. That tells me he has the ability to connect with his players and get them to believe. Hearing what happened inside the locker room this past season under Marc Trestman, the Bears need a coach that can demand respect inside that sacred sanctuary.

Looking over Fox’s resume, he spent some time with newly acquired Bears consultant Ernie Accorsi back in New York. The Bears have interviewed a number of head coaching prospects, but none have the resumes even close to Fox and the Bears know that. Landing Fox would ease my mind as a Bears fan. He hasn’t won a Super Bowl, but he got to one with Jake Delhomme as his QB. He has also won a plethora of games with other names such as Rodney Peete, Jimmy Clausen and Vinny Testaverde.

In my last presser, I was adamant that an older head coach might not be the answer for this Bears team. My concerned stemmed from 62 year old Mike Shanahan and the evolution of the new age NFL. Yes, John Fox is 59, but he has a swag to him that fits with how he carries himself and connects with his players.

I’ve been a fan of John Fox and what he is all about as a coach. I remember sitting down with him at the NFL scouting combine in Indy back in 2004. He sat and gave me 10 minutes and talked about everything under the sun. When I got up off of my chair I vividly remember saying to myself, “That’s a guy I would love to play for.” Could he be what the Bears are looking for to turn things around? Possibly, but the wait still continues to see who will fill the position. Lots of Bears fans have their fingers crossed and are waiting to see “what does the Fox say?” #BearDown